“SunO... The only place I know, where they turn snow, into happiness!” –Alex B.

 “This is such an absolutely great place and delicious dessert! Unless you try it there is no way to explain how good it is…” –Cheryl B.

Established in 2005, SunO Dessert was founded to bring about an Asian shaved-ice treat to the HOT summers of Atlanta.  

The name is pronounced "Su-nO", like SNOW! It is a milky sweet blend of ice shaved with a special machine that creates the fluffiest shaved-ice, then add your favorite toppings to enjoy!

Our products differentiate from our competitors because SunO Dessert serves the highest quality of frozen treats with premium ingredients and the freshest available supplies.  For example, our jasmine green tea is brewed fresh using natural tea leaves and not a mixture of blended water, sugar, artificial flavors and powder-mix.  Our self-serve bar carries naturally produced tapioca pearls without preservatives.

Our service also differentiates through personalization and customization.  SunO Dessert furnishes itself with "SunO making theater", where customers witness their dessert being prepared from a wide range of customer options.  

Come by and chill out, SunO has Somethin' New all the time!