“SunO... The only place I know, where they turn snow, into happiness!” –Alex B.

 “This is such an absolutely great place and delicious dessert! Unless you try it there is no way to explain how good it is…” –Cheryl B.

A group of friends sat around a kitchen table and started to map out a plan. They knew that they wanted to create a safe place for young adults to spend time. The primary goal involved building a business model which promoted a good work ethic in their young employees. The second priority was to create a product they could be proud of selling. One of the friends’ father ran a pocicle business in West Africa. It only made sense to follow in those footsteps. SunO Dessert was born.

Since 2005, SunO carries on the family tradition. You can taste the difference in our products from our competitors.  Using premium ingredients and the freshest available supplies, SunO serves the highest quality of frozen desserts available. Our jasmine green tea is brewed fresh using natural tea leaves, not powder. We slowly cook our tapioca pearls for an hour. The taste will always be superior to the cheaper instant tapioca.

The two main values of SunO carry through in everything that we do.  We care about serving a quality product and we care about the employees who serve it.

SunO Dessert furnishes itself with "SunO making theater", where customers witness the very unique way we prepare SunO and other desserts, then they wonder about the choice of toppings, be it for the snow-flake-like shaved ice-cream or for the wrapped-cone dessert crepe....

While offering a dessert variety as well as tasty beverages (including Specialty Teas), SunO Dessert hosts and takes part a variety of events, like cultural and art events, and even in-store workshops.

SunO Dessert wants to be a neighborhood hang-out where customers have excellent desserts, have a fun with events, or just meet up with friends when going out ~ "Meet me at the 'SunO' place". Come by and chill out, SunO has Somethin' New all the time!